Martin de Porres

Feast Day: November 3
Canonized: May 6, 1962
Beatified: October 29, 1837

Some people do good no matter what happens to them. Martin de Porres did. His mother was an African or Indian from Panama, a former slave. His father was a Spanish soldier and nobleman. So people made fun of Martin because he came from two different races.

What did...
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Solanus Casey

Solanus_Casey-240x300_OfficialPhoto Feast Day: November 3
Venerated: July 11, 1995

As one of 16 children growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Barney Casey learned about the importance of sharing. This virtue shaped his life and ministry. Bernard Francis Casey was born in 1870. His parents were from Ireland and raised their children in the Catholic faith.

Barney left the farm to work at a variety...
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Charles Borromeo

Feast Day: November 4
Canonized: November 1, 1610

Many years ago, Charles Borromeo helped the Church begin to live the Gospels again. He did this by living simply. Charles was born in a castle in Italy on October 2, 1538. His rich parents gave Charles a fine education. With it and with their money, he could have been or done anything! But he said good-bye to his family’...
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Elizabeth and Zechariah

Feast Day (Roman): November 5
Feast Day (Greek): November 8
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Elizabeth and Zechariah never stop praying that God would bless their marriage with a child, even though it seemed impossible as they grew elderly. Zechariah was a priest in the temple in Jerusalem.

One day, the angel Gabriel appeared to...
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Bernhard Lichtenberg

Feast Day: November 5
Beatified: June 23, 1996
Venerated: July 2, 1994

Bernhard Lichtenberg was a Catholic priest who served the people of Berlin at St. Hedwig’s Cathedral during a time of great crisis. Born in 1875 in the Prussian province of Silesia, Father Lichtenberg was ordained to the priesthood in 1899 and witnessed the growing power of the Nazi party and its...
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Leo the Great, Pope

Feast Day: November 10
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Only two popes in history have been given the title “the Great.” Pope Leo is one of them. Leo was born in Tuscany in Italy around the year 400 and served as an advisor and diplomat for two popes. He was still a deacon when he was elected pope. Pope Leo was the first pope to call himself the successor to St...
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Catherine McAuley

Feast Day: November 11 (Ireland)
Venerated: April 9, 1990

Catherine Elizabeth McAuley was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1778. From the time she was a young child, Catherine saw her parents living their Catholic faith through service to the poor. After her parents died, Catherine lived with Protestant relatives who wanted her to become a member of their church. Catherine remained...
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Martin of Tours

Feast Day: November 11
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Throughout his life, Martin faced many dilemmas. At the age of 12, he began to place each one before God.

Martin had been born to pagan parents in the year 316, in a region of the world that is now Hungary. When he was 12, he began to think about a serious question—should he remain a pagan and...
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Frances Xavier Cabrini

Feast Day: November 13
Canonized: July 7, 1946
Beatified: November 13, 1938
Venerated: November 21, 1937

Problems defeat some people. But problems make heroes of others. Problems made St. Frances Xavier Cabrini a hero. Throughout her life, she turned problems into solutions.

Frances knew one really important thing: You have to pray as if everything...
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Albert the Great

Feast Day: November 15
Canonized: 1931

Albertus Magnus was interested in everything. He was fascinated by the relationship between faith and science. He studied astronomy and biology and loved logic and math. He pored over maps and hiked in the mountains to learn more about geography. He was the kind of student who challenged teachers to prepare lessons...
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