Pedro Calungsod


Feast Day: April 2...
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Benedict the Black

Feast Day: April 4
Beatified: May 15, 1743
Canonized: May 24, 1807

Benedict was a slave, but he always knew that his only true master was Jesus. Benedict’s parents, Christopher and Diana Manasseri, were taken from their home in Africa and sold into slavery in Messina, Italy, where Benedict was born in 1524.

Given his freedom when he was 18, Benedict worked as a farmer...
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Vincent Ferrer

Juan Carreno de Miranda 010

Feast Day: April 5
Canonized: June 3, 1455

Vincent Ferrer, the most gifted preacher of his time, often gave his sermons...
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John Baptist de La Salle

DeLasalle Leger

Feast Day: April  7
Beatified: February 19, 1888
Canonized: May 24, 1900

John Baptist is responsible for many changes in education, things that we take for granted today. But...
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Julie Billiart

Julie billiart.jpg
Von unbekannter Künstler - [1],...
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Stanislaus of Krakow

Stanislaus(Gothic_altarpiece_Wawel)-200x765 Feast Day: April 11
Canonized: 1253

Stanislaus is the patron saint of Poland. Some people call him the second John the Baptist because, like John, Stanislaus stood up for his faith.

Stanislaus was born to a noble family in 1030 in a small town near Krakow, Poland. When he was very young, he told his parents that he wanted to be a priest. They...
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Teresa of the Andes

Teresa de los Andes

Feast Day: April 12
Venerated: March 22, 1986
Beatified: April 3, 1987
Canonized: March 21, 1993

Juanita came from a wealthy family in Santiago, Chile, where she was born in 1900. There was a chapel on the...
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Bernadette Soubirous

Bernadette soubirous 1 publicdomain.jpg
Public Domain, Link

Feast Day: April 16
Venerated: November 18, 1923
Beatified: June 14, 1925...
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Mariana Navarro of Jesus


Feast Day: April 17
Beatified: May 25, 1783

Mariana Navarro de Guevara Romero of Jesus was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1565. She was the oldest of six children and the only girl. After her mother died...
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