Isaac the Syrian

Feast Day: January 28

It was not all that unusual for boys long ago to enter monasteries as young children. It was a way for them to be educated and then often prepared for life as priests or monks. Isaac was one such young man.

He was born in Bet Katraye, which today is Bahrain on the Persian Gulf, sometime in the 7th century. He became famous in his time for his...
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Hyacintha of Mariscotti

Giacinta Mariscotti TOR

Feast Day: January 30
Canonized: May 24, 1807
Beatified: September 1, 1726

Clarice Mariscotti was probably a typical upper-class girl in Viterbo, Italy, in her time. As a teenager...
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John Bosco


Feast Day: January 31
Canonized: April 1, 1934
Beatified: June 2, 1929
Venerated: July 24, 1907

People need work so that they can buy food and clothes and pay for a place to live. They need God so that they...
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