Margaret Pole

Feast Day: May 28
Beatified: December 29, 1886


Margaret Pole was born in England in 1473 and was the niece of two English kings. Another king arranged for Margaret to marry Sir Reginald Pole, a friend of the royal family. They had a happy marriage.

When Reginald died, the new king, Henry VIII, made Margaret a countess. He appointed her governess of his daughter...
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Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)

Feast Day: May 30
Canonized: May 16, 1920
Beatified: April 11, 1905

In May of 1429, a young woman clad in white armor rode her horse onto the battlefield at Orleans. Behind her marched hundreds of French soldiers. Following her battle cry, they defeated the English and won great victories for France during the Hundred Years’ War.

Jeanne d’Arc was only 17 years old...
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Nunzio Sulprizio

NuncioSulprizio-200x300.jpgFeast Day: May 5
Canonized: October 14, 2018
Beatified: December 1, 1963
Venerated: July 21, 1891


Nunzio Sulprizio was born on April 13, 1817, in Pescara, Italy. His father died when Nunzio was only three years old. Nunzio’s mother remarried, but his stepfather paid no attention to him. Still, Nunzio faithfully attended Mass, prayed, and...
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