Paschal Baylon

Feast Day: May 17
Canonized: October 16, 1690
Beatified: October 29, 1618

As a young shepherd, Paschal was so honest that he once offered to give farmers money to repay any harm done when his sheep walked through their crops. Born to a poor Spanish family in 1540, Paschal was put to work as a shepherd at the age of 7. He often prayed when he heard the town church bells ringing during...
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Joachina Vedruna de Mas

Feast Day: May 19
Canonized: April 12, 1959
Beatified: May 19, 1940
Venerated: August 28, 1854

As a young girl, Joachina believed she wanted to be a nun, but she married Theodore de Mas, a man from a royal family in Barcelona, Spain, in 1799, when she was only 16 years old. They had nine children before Theodore was killed...
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Mary Bernard Bütler

Feast Day: May 19
Canonized: October 12, 2008
Beatified: October 29, 1995

Verena Bütler had a very happy childhood in Switzerland. She loved nature and learning. When she made her First Communion in 1860 at the age of 11, her family was pleased by her strong commitment to her faith and spirituality.

She finished her formal schooling at the age of 14,...
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Cristóbal Magallanes

Feast Day: May 21
Canonized: May 21, 2000
Beatified: November 22, 1992
Venerated: March 7, 1992

Cristóbal Magallanes was born in 1869 in the Archdiocese of Guadalajara. His parents, Rafael Magallanes and Clara Jara, were poor farmers and devout Catholics. Growing up on a farm, young Cristóbal worked as a shepherd but felt called to look after human “sheep.” At...
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Eugene de Mazenod

Feast Day: May 21
Canonized: December 3, 1995
Beatified: October 19, 1975
Venerated: November 19, 1970

Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod’s childhood taught him that money cannot solve all problems. Although his family was wealthy, they were forced to flee France during the French Revolution, leaving all of their possessions behind. It was 1790, and Charles...
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Rita of Cascia

Feast Day: May 22
Canonized: May 24, 1900
Beatified: October 1, 1627

Rita was born in a small village near Cascia, Italy, in 1381. Her parents had waited many years for a child, and they gave thanks to God for Rita’s birth. As a child, Rita often visited the nuns at the Augustinian convent in town and hoped to be able to join them one day. Rita’s parents...
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Gregory VII (Hildebrand Bonizi), Pope

Feast Day: May 25
Canonized: 1728
Beatified: 1584

In the year 1020, a boy named Hildebrand Bonizi was born in Tuscany, Italy. He was educated for the priesthood in Rome and was chosen by Pope Gregory VI to be his personal chaplain. After the pope died, Hildebrand entered a monastery to pray and study. But within three years, he was called back to Rome to be an advisor to the newly elected...
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Bede the Venerable

Feast Day: May 25
Canonized: 1899

Bede, or Venerable Bede as he is sometimes called, lived from about the year 673 until 735 in England. But his writings were so great that people still study them today.

He was born very close to the monastery in Northumberland where he spent much of his life. His name comes from the Old English word for prayer, so it is possible that his parents always intended for...
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Philip Neri

Feast Day: May 26
Canonized: March 12, 1615
Beatified: May 11, 1615

In the Mass on St. Philip Neri’s feast day, we pray, “Lord, keep us always cheerful in our work for the glory of your name and the good of our neighbor” (Sacramentary, page 638). Philip was known for his cheerfulness and sense of humor. He used these gifts to serve God and to help others to...
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Augustine of Canterbury

Feast Day: May 27
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Augustine is sometimes called the “Apostle of England.” In the year 596, Father Augustine left his quiet life as the prior of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Andrew in Rome to lead a group of monks to preach the Gospel and bring Christianity to the people of England.

England was a very uncivilized place in those...
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