Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

Feast Day: September 29
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Angels are messengers from God. Three of the special messengers mentioned in the Bible are the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. The names of each of these archangels tell us about the work God gave them to do.

Michael’s name means “who is like God.” God gave Michael the responsibility of protecting us as God...
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Jerome, Father of the Church

Feast Day: September 30
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Jerome was born in the country we now call Croatia sometime between 340 and 347. He was tutored at home and developed a love for education. When he was about 12, his parents sent him to Rome to study both Greek and Latin.

Jerome was baptized a Christian in Rome. He then studied with...
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PAUL VI (Giovanni Battista Montini), Pope


Feast Day: September 26
Canonized: October 14, 2018
Beatified: October 19, 2014
Venerated: December 20, 2012

As a child, Giovanni Battista Montini was often ill. He could not do many of the things that other children his age could do, but he loved to study and read. After he finished high school, he studied for the priesthood and was ordained in 1920...
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