Vincent Ferrer
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Feast Day: April 5
Canonized: June 3, 1455

Vincent Ferrer, the most gifted preacher of his time, often gave his sermons outdoors because no church could hold the huge crowds that came to hear him speak about God’s love and forgiveness.

Vincent was born in Spain around 1357. He joined the Dominican Order when he was 19. It was a difficult time for the Church because of a dispute about who the true pope was. Vincent tried his best to heal the differences between the two groups, but his work was unsuccessful. Vincent prayed that God would give him the direction he needed in his life. Following an illness that nearly took his life, Vincent felt that God was calling him to spread the Gospel, just as Jesus had asked his Apostles to do.

Vincent had found his true calling. He became a famous missionary. For 20 years he preached all over Europe—Spain, France, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, and Italy. Some people called him a modern St. John the Baptist because he told people to repent and to prepare for the coming of the kingdom by following the teachings of Jesus and his Church. Vincent’s powerful sermons inspired many Catholics to renew their faith. His words also touched the hearts of people who responded to his message by deciding to be baptized.

He died in 1419 in France and was canonized in 1455. St. Vincent Ferrer is the patron saint of builders because he built up the Body of Christ—the Church. We celebrate his feast on April 5. Like St. Vincent, we can share the Good News of Jesus with others and help God’s goodness to grow in the world.

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