Ángela Guerrero Gonzalez

Santa angela

Feast Day: March 2
Canonized: May 4, 2003
Beatified: November 5, 1982
Venerated: February 12, 1976

Ángela Guerrero Gonzalez was born in Seville, Spain, in 1846. She was one of 14 children. Her family was poor, but their faith was...
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Katharine Drexel

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Feast Day: March 3
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Feast Day: March 7
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

In the Opening Prayer on March 7 we pray, “Father, your love gave the saints Perpetua and Felicity courage to suffer a cruel martyrdom. By their prayers,...
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Saint Felicity. Colour engraving. Wellcome V0033296

Feast Day: March...
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John of God

Sant Joan de Déu 1

Feast Day: March 8 Canonized: October 16, 1690
Beatified: September 21, 1630

John of God knew that many poor people...
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Catherine of Bologna

Feast Day: March 9
Canonized: May 22, 1712

Catherine was born in 1413 in Bologna, Italy. Her father was an important government official who worked for the Marquis of Ferrara, a member of the royal family. When she was 11, Catherine was invited to live in the palace to be a companion to the marquis’ daughter, Margaret. It was a wonderful opportunity for Catherine. She and Margaret were educated together by a private tutor. Catherine especially enjoyed the art...
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Sophronius of Jerusalem

Sophronius of Jerusalem.jpg
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 Feast Day: March 11
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

Sophronius was a monk who lived from 560 to 639. He did not stay in one...
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Matilda, Queen of Germany

Mathilde 0 de ringelheim

Feast Day: March 14

Matilda was from a royal family in Denmark and was raised by her grandmother, who was an abbess in a convent. Matilda became Queen of Germany when she married King Henry...
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Louise de Marillac


Feast day: March 15
Canonized: March 11, 1934
Beatified: May 9, 1920

Louise was born into a wealthy French family in 1591, but all the money in the world could not stop sadness from touching her life. Her mother died when was...
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Patrick, Apostle of Ireland

Saint Patrick (window)

Feast Day: March 17
Canonized: Pre-Congregation

An apostle leaves home and country, family and friends to preach the good...
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