Saints of the Month: Listing

Athanasius of Alexandria

Feast Day: May 2 Canonized: Pre-Congregation When we talk about St. Athanasius, we use two important words–“orthodoxy” and “heresy.” Orthodoxy means right belief. Heresy means false belief. Athanasius was born in about 297 AD in Alexandria, Egypt. When he grew...
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José María Rubio y Peralta

Feast Day: May 2 (memorial); May 4 (Proper Calendar of the Society of Jesus) Canonized: May 4, 2003 Beatified: October 6, 1985 Venerated: January 12, 1984 Born in 1864 and raised in a large farm family in Spain, José entered...
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Philip the Apostle

Feast Day: May 3 (Roman Catholic Church) Feast Day: Nov 17 (Armenian Church) Nov 18 (Coptic Church) Canonized: Pre-Congregation Philip and James were both Apostles, chosen by Jesus to follow him and to continue his work of building the Kingdom...
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James the Less, Apostle

Feast Day: May 3 Canonization: Pre-Congregation James was given the nickname “the Less” so that he would not be confused with the other Apostle named James, whose feast we celebrate on July 25. We believe that it means that he...
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Edmund Rice

Feast Day:  May 5 Venerated: April 2, 1993 Can you imagine what it would be like if it were a crime for children to go school? That was the law in Ireland when Edmund Rice, who was born in 1762,...
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