Saints of the Month: Listing

Brigid of Ireland

Feast Day: February 1 Canonized: Pre-Congregation Brigid and her mother were said to have been slaves in fifth-century Ireland; her father was believed to have been an Irish chieftain. As a young girl, one of Brigid’s responsibilities was to care for...
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Maria Domenica Mantovani

Feast Day: February 2 Beatified: April 27, 2003 Venerated: April 24, 2001 Maria Domenica Mantovani was born in 1862 in a small Italian village. Two things were always important to Maria: her love for God and her desire to help others....
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Feast Day: February 3 Canonized: Pre-Congregation Blaise lived so long ago that we know nothing about his early life. We do know that he was a both a doctor and a bishop in the area that is today either Armenia...
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Agatha of Sicily

Feast Day: February 5 Canonized: Pre-Congregation During the first three centuries of the Church, Rome persecuted Christians. Roman emperors sent out letters and told Roman governors to force Christians to deny their God. The governors then arrested known Christians. But...
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Paul Miki

Feast Day: February 6 Canonized: June 8, 1862 Beatified: September 14, 1627 Paul was born in Japan, the son of a Japanese military leader. He joined the Jesuits in 1580 and became known as a famous preacher. Nine years before his...
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