Nunzio Sulprizio

NuncioSulprizio-200x300.jpgFeast Day: May 5
Canonized: October 14, 2018
Beatified: December 1, 1963
Venerated: July 21, 1891


Nunzio Sulprizio was born on April 13, 1817, in Pescara, Italy. His father died when Nunzio was only three years old. Nunzio’s mother remarried, but his stepfather paid no attention to him. Still, Nunzio faithfully attended Mass, prayed, and studied the lives of the saints. Their stories helped him learn how to live a holy, faith-filled life.

When his mother died, Nunzio was sent to live with his grandmother. She encouraged Nunzio to remain strong in his faith. But she, too, soon died, and Nunzio was sent to live with and to work for his Uncle Domenico. His uncle was a cruel man who did not see to Nunzio’s physical comfort or health and who overworked him. Domenico would beat or curse Nunzio if his work was unsatisfactory. Eventually Nunzio became very ill. He offered his pain and suffering to God.

In time, another uncle introduced him to a fellow soldier who provided for Nunzio’s care and for his needs. Nunzio made some progress, but the pain persisted, and he eventually died from his injuries. He was nineteen years old.

On his path to sainthood, Saint Nunzio Sulprizio was known for his gentleness, holiness, and patience. On October 14, 2018—during the Synod of Bishops on Youth—Pope Francis named him a saint of the Church.  

Continuing the Conversation . . .


Primary Grades: When Saint Nunzio Sulprizio was ill, he found that sitting in a stream of cool water would help to clean his wounds. While he sat in the stream he would pray the Rosary.

Invite the children to talk about their favorite places to pray and their favorite prayers to pray. Invite them to draw themselves praying in their favorite places.


Intermediate Grades: Saint Nunzio Sulprizio learned how to live a holy and faith-filled life by reading the stories of the saints.

Divide the class into small groups. Assign each group one unit of their religion textbooks. Instruct each group to identify the saints whose stories are told in that unit, and what they can learn about holiness and faith from the stories of those saints. After enough discussion time has been given, invite each group to share its thoughts with the class.


Junior High: Saint Nunzio Sulprizio was known for his gentleness, holiness, and patience.

Invite each young person to journal about three things he or she is known for. Encourage the young people to then write their responses to these questions:  Are these the things I want to be known for? If not, what changes do I need to make in my life?

Assure the young people that they will not be asked to share what they have written with the group.



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