Mariana Navarro of Jesus

Feast Day: April 17
Beatified: May 25, 1783

Mariana Navarro de Guevara Romero of Jesus was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1565. She was the oldest of six children and the only girl. After her mother died, it became Mariana’s responsibility to care for her brothers. She loved them all very much and tried her best to be like a second mother to them.

When Mariana’s father remarried, Mariana’s new stepmother seemed to dislike her, even though Mariana had done nothing wrong. Mariana’s father wanted her to get married and to leave the house, but Mariana wanted to be the bride of Christ and to live her life in prayer and service.

Mariana met a priest who suggested that she become a lay member of a religious order called the Mercedarians. This would allow her to devote her life to prayer. She spent many hours worshipping the Blessed Sacrament and counseling people who came to her for advice in living their faith. She became known for her kindness and patience with everyone she met.

Mariana is sometimes called the “Lily of Madrid.” Lilies are a sign of purity. Mariana’s love for the Lord was pure. She loved God with all her heart and never let temptations turn her away from living her faith.

Mariana died in 1624. We pray that she will one day be named a saint.

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