Saints of the Month: Listing

Dominic Savio

Feast Day: March 9 Canonized: June 12, 1954 Beatified: March 5, 1950 Venerated: July 11, 1933 It isn’t always easy to be different from others, but Dominic, who was born in 1842, was different. Even as a young boy, he...
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Catherine of Bologna

Feast Day: March 9 Canonized: May 22, 1712 Catherine was born in 1413 in Bologna, Italy. Her father was an important government official who worked for the Marquis of Ferrara, a member of the royal family. When she was 11,...
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Sophronius of Jerusalem

Feast Day: March 11 Canonized: Pre-Congregation Sophronius was a monk who lived from 560 to 639. He did not stay in one monastery, as many monks of his time did. Instead he lived his life of prayer, fasting, and sacrifice...
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Matilda, Queen of Germany

Feast Day: March 14 Matilda was from a royal family in Denmark and was raised by her grandmother, who was an abbess in a convent. Matilda became Queen of Germany when she married King Henry I. As queen, she put...
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Louise de Marillac

Feast day: March 15 Canonized: March 11, 1934 Beatified: May 9, 1920 Louise was born into a wealthy French family in 1591, but all the money in the world could not stop sadness from touching her life. Her mother died...
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